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VIP Studio Sessions

The covers from each unit in VIP Studio Sessions

Charanga’s award-winning VIP programme has been upgraded for the secondary music classroom. VIP supports the teaching and learning of contemporary music genres and is the perfect introduction to music technology and production.

Users work through a series of video tutorials – in the classroom or at home – to learn how to create music and develop tracks in Charanga’s YuStudio DAW. Beyond this, young people can go more deeply into a unit to refine their compositions and explore music production in greater depth.

The tutorials follow a six-week approach with students learning how to compose in the following genres:

Unit 1

Rap Beats
Focus: Music for Rap

Unit 2

Focus: Music for Dance

Unit 3

Focus: Chord Progressions

Unit 4

Focus: Creative use of sound and working with rap vocals

Unit 5

Focus: Use of Melody

Unit 6

Lofi Hip Hop
Focus: Groove, Swing and Sampling

For each genre, the video tutorials:

  • explore the characteristics of the genre
  • focus on key musical and stylistic aspects
  • support music-making in Charanga’s YuStudio DAW
  • enable deeper learning

Since its launch, VIP has developed an avid following among teachers and students who love its contemporary approach and industry-relevant content. Charanga adds genres and features to it regularly.

These units will support your music curriculum for students aged 11–14 and beyond, and provide extension and enrichment opportunities across the school.

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